Balsam Mountain Stewards

Get your feet in the forest and your hands in the dirt.

Would you like to learn about nature in a truly “hands-on” way? Become more involved in caring for the Preserve? Release your inner park ranger? See some beautiful “off trail” areas of our forests?

Each month, join Trust staff as we care for the Preserve. You may find yourself stalking through the forest with binoculars, searching and listening for migratory birds. Or standing in a beautiful mountain stream, looking for aquatic creatures to help monitor our water quality. Or heroically wrestling dastardly invasive plants.

To see a schedule of Balsam Mountain Stewards Events and other Member Programs, be sure to check out our Member Program Calendar. 


This month, we cared for one of our sensitive native plant species by re-planting poached ginseng roots. Together, members of the Preserve weighed, aged, and documented these intriguingly human-shaped roots, and then tucked them safely back into the forest with some TLC.